Closing our doors after 34 years
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OVER Thirty years of experience in the

repair and restoration 

19th & 20th century photography
Our goal: Maintain the integrity of the original photograph

Above: Crayon portrait digitally restored and features enhanced. 
Also known as Gas Light Portrait (1880's to 1940's) is a silver image on a paper support which was then mounted to a paperboard support which may be flat or convex. They are often hand tinted with oils, or enhanced with watercolor or pastels.
Below: Some Crayon portraits are mounted to canvas and stretched on strainers to resemble a painting, as seen below. Observe conservation of the original portrait. No digital restoration/reproduction was requested.
Below: Tintypes carefully restored to retain original aesthetic.  
The name tintype (1850's into the 20th century) is a misnomer, the silver image is actually on an iron support.
19th century family group (silver image) mounted to glass. 

Daguerreotype (1839-1860's) known as "the mirror with a memory" is a silver image on a polished copper support. The image may appear as a negative or positive depending on the angle of view.
Deterioration is caused by environmental pollutants that invade the cased image through a broken seal of the original taped edge, or by abrasion and fingerprints if the image has been separated from its case.
We are able to disassemble the components, clean the cover glass, and renew the seal to give the image additional life.  The example shows digital restoration, copies were dispersed to family members.

Gelatin silver print (1885 to present) This is the most common type of black & white photograph.
The silver image is suspended in a gelatin binder on a paper support. The earliest Gelatin silver prints are often confused with Albumen prints due to similar presentation mounts and aspects of deterioration. Common signs of deterioration are fading, yellowing and "silvering-out". "Silvering-out" presents as reflective tarnish in the darkest portions of the image area, where the silver is most concentrated.

In this example, three Gelatin silver photographs were digitally composited to create a complete view and the handwritten note was lowered to bring attention to the dog in the foreground.
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